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Salutations all! Thanks for visiting my erratic and slightly funky site. It's full of many strange and mysterious things so just click around! Have fun! Don't forget to sign my guestbook , please!
This site was last updated: March 6, 2006

I'm still a lazy webmistress, but I finally got an HTML editor! :: Bows head :: Thank you Taco.
Some things that I still need to work on:
Everything! Really...

New Updates:
Guestbook is down. Fixed up minor things here and on my Cats site. Mostly playing with Taco to see what I can do.

Daily Rants and Praises An 'I'll write when I feel like it' Journal (comments welcome)

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Cats are my favorite animals in the universe. This site contains a section dedicated to cats in all their forms, but mostly Cats, the musical by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. I'm saddened to hear that this long running show is closing on Broadway. I never got to see it live! ::Grr:: And now, it's closing in London! Why?! Why?!! Why?!!! But wait! I finally saw it in Seattle and again in Issaquah! Yatta!!

What's the funniest British comedy with a science fiction theme?
Kids In the Hall , Star Wars , or Red Dwarf

If you have to ask, don't even bother.

Various Things

Movies are my life. Well, they used to be my life. I've watched quite a few in my time and can't really remember one that I've actually hated. Oh well, I'm still young.

I love writing stuff. I hope you like reading it.


I've had to steal...uh, I mean borrow a few things. Want to see where from? Sneak into Blucarrock's Den of Thieves


RD Ship Painter

Red Dwarf


Movie Opinions


The beginning of February 2000 is when I started this madness.

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